Presenter Profile Series: Olivia Diehr

Olivia Diehr is our next presenter on our #IamHawaii Presenter Profile Series. Olivia is presenting a paper at #IamHawaii as well as leading a workshop as a beneficent fairy entitled ‘Meeting the Fairy: Think in new ways to create new resources’.

A little bit about Olivia…

Olivia Karin Diehr was born in Rostock (Germany) and is the Head of the library at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research since 2008.
Her library started in 1988 in Rostock Public Library. After finishing school, she worked as a library assistant. During this time Olivia learned everything about shelf arrangement, checkouts, returns, and remembers the funny overdue excuses she sometimes heard!
From 1990 to 1994 she studied librarianship at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), and graduated with a degree in librarianship in 1994. The job opportunities had changed completely after the German reunification. Olivia grabbed the opportunity and started working in academic libraries. From 1996 to 1999 she worked in a Governmental University of Applied Sciences (FHöVPR) in Guestrow, where she led this library for more than a year. From 2000 to August 2008 Olivia served as a librarian at the Greifswald University Library, which is one of Germany’s oldest university libraries. At first she was in the acquisition department, and thereafter in the service department for 7 years. She was responsible for the websites of the university library and worked at the information and circulation desk.

Since August 2008 Olivia has held the position of librarian at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Rostock-Warnemuende. Moreover Olivia finds herself serving marine scientists from all over the world thrilling beyond the regular library services. She keeps her fingers crossed for the various successful off shore sampling campaigns; She also established a library library and last but not least her library tries to provide any required full text articles regardless of the effort. Situated just off the Baltic Sea coast, Olivia’s library is certainly one of the most beautiful places to work.

Talk to Olivia in Honolulu about…

Have a chat to her about sharing ideas and inspirations on the future of libraries; traveling, cooking, as well as being outside in nature.

Olivia will be presenting…

Paper title: Testing the waters: Publishing literacy as a new role for marine science librarians?

Abstract: Libraries have a strong service culture. For decades information literacy is well established in our libraries and information centers. The training on skills to search, evaluate and consume information is a substantial part of the libraries’ information literacy program. At the same time library services for authors seem to be still in their infancy, at least at specialized libraries beyond universities. There are a lot of varied possibilities to discover. Let us test the waters and explore how librarians may contribute to the publishing process of authors at their institutions. Where are the potential docking points for libraries during the writing and publishing process? Where are exciting opportunities to see? Which limitations have to be considered?

Workshop title: Meeting the fairy: Think in new ways to create new resources

Abstract: Workshop moderation at the 43rd IAMSLIC Annual Conference. This workshop will be slightly different, because it will be led by a beneficent fairy. I will slip into the role of a fairy (fictional), and the main aim is to encourage the participants to think in new ways. Based on several short activities, and with a little help of the fairy, we may re-discover our work-related wishes. The subjects will be created by the attendees themselves during the workshop, all professional themes are welcome. Furthermore this collaboration will be open, every IAMSLIC member will be asked to take part in the way he or she wants to do. I led this workshop at the last EURASLIC Conference in Bremen, Germany in May 2017, and I received very good feedback from the participants.Timeslot: 60 minutes. I hope I will able to bring in a new perspective on what we do to create something totally new and unexpected by moderating this fairy-led workshop at the 43rd IAMSLIC Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Connect with Olivia through…

Leibniz Institute twitter account @Ostseeforschung
Leibniz Institute Facebook page

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Presenter Profile Series: Daryl L. Superio

Our next presenter in our #IamHawaii profile series is Daryl L. Superio and he comes from the Philippines. Daryl is co-author of ‘A Survey of the Information-Seeking Behaviour (ISB) of Aquatic Science Librarians in Response to a Query’, along with Mary Grace H. Oliveros and Vince Ervin V. Palcullo. They are still collating data for the survey and would appreciate your time in completing it. Further details available here.

A little bit about Daryl…

Daryl L. Superio is a Senior Information Assistant at the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD) Library in the Philippines. He is in-charge of cataloging and classification, indexing and reference services. He is also a part-time lecturer at Central Philippine University (Iloilo City, Philippines) Library and Information Science program and teaches cataloging and classification, indexing and abstracting and information technology subjects.  He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Library and Information Science from Central Philippine University. He is an Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstract (ASFA) Board Member and a member of Aquatic Commons Editorial Review Board.

Mary Grace H. Oliveros and Vince Ervin V. Palcullo were Daryl’s former students.

Mary Grace is an Information Assistant at SEAFDEC/AQD Library in the Philippines. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science from Central Philippine University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Library and Information Science at the same university.

Vince is currently preparing for his Philippines professional Librarians Licensure Examination.

Talk to Daryl in Honolulu about…

Daryl likes Japanese anime, Mary Grace and Vince are Korean Drama fanatics! But they all like Harry Potter movies!

Daryl will be presenting…

Title: A Survey of the Information-Seeking Behaviour (ISB) of Aquatic Science Librarians in Response to a Query

Abstract: Access to quality information plays a major role in a successful research. However, with the Internet, low-quality information has proliferated as anyone could post information online, which according to Silberg, et al. (1997) “the Net—and especially the Web—has the potential to become the world’s largest vanity press.” Nevertheless, several studies had been conducted proving that the Internet is the first information resource among different professionals mainly because of the convenience it gives to them. On the other hand, there are limited numbers of literatures about the preference of the librarians on providing answers to the information needs of their clienteles, and there is none among aquatic science librarians. Therefore, to provide an answer to this information gap, a survey will be conducted to investigate if aquatic science librarians like other professionals would opt to go to the Internet first rather than the library when searching for information. Moreover, preferred information sources whenever not available at the library will be identified. Results of the study will benefit aquatic science librarians as a whole since best practices will be documented and useful information resources will be enumerated.

Connect with Daryl through…

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Presenter Profile Series: Geoffrey Francis Salanje


Our next featured presenter for our #IamHawaii Presenter Profile Series is University Librarian Geoffrey Salanje from Malawi. Geoffrey will be presenting a paper on Collaborative Access to Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Information: Malawi’s Experience.


A little bit about Geoffrey…

Geoffrey is University Librarian at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) in Malawi since 2013. Before that he has worked as a College Librarian of the then Bunda College of Agriculture under University of Malawi for about 13 years and an Assistant Librarian in the University of Malawi since March 1986. (Bunda College of Agriculture became an independent public university in 2012 after delinking from University of Malawi.)
Academically and professionally, Geoffrey holds a Bachelor of Social Science (B.Soc.Sc, 1985) from University of Malawi majoring in Statistics, Management and Sociology; a Postgraduate diploma in Library studies (1988) from University of Botswana; and a Master’s degree in Library studies (MLS, 1992) from University of Wales – Aberystwyth. In his 31 years’ career – all in an academic library, he has attended a number of special short courses, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences, etc.

Inside LUANAR Library

Geoffrey has been a member of IAMSLIC and AFRIAMLIC since 2002 and 2003 respectively. He first attended and presented a paper at AFRIAMSLIC biannual conference in Accra, Ghana in 2003 and in 2005 he attended and presented a paper for the first time at IAMSLIC annual conference held in Rome, Italy. Since then he has attended and presented papers at other IAMLIC annual conferences held in Portland, Oregon (2006); Sarasota, Florida (2007); Zanzibar, Tanzania (2011); and Rome, Italy (2015). Geoffrey successfully organized and hosted a 3rd AFRIAMSLIC conference in 2007.


Talk to Geoffrey in Honolulu about…

Academic librarianship in an African country where he has spent all his 31years career! He is also ready to share with you the challenges librarians in Malawi face and prospects in the profession. He likes reading current affairs and biographies; listening to country and western music, watching soccer and comedies on TV. Occasionally he drinks a glass of beer but not quite often! So feel free to talk to him when you meet him in Honolulu!

Geoffrey will be presenting…

Title: Collaborative Access to Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Information: Malawi’s Experience

Abstract: There is a lot of information on aquaculture and fisheries in the world. Most of this information is generated through research conducted by researchers, scientists and scholars among others. The information is available in electronic and printed forms. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) has eased the access of aquaculture and fisheries science information in electronic form through the use of internet, intranets, CD-ROMs or computer databases. Whilst, printed information is still available, but with limited accessibility because the information might be located on one place. Accessing to aquaculture and fisheries science information has its challenges especially in Malawi. Some of the challenges are lack of locally generated information available online, inability by libraries and information centres to acquire all the needed information, reluctance by researchers, scientists and students to deposit information generated to libraries and information centres, unavailability of ICT equipment for accessing online information; and lack of knowledge by information users on where and how to find the information they need. These challenges could be resolved if there could be a close working relationship between librarians on one hand and aquaculture and fisheries scientists on the other. This would ensure that all the information generated by scientists is captured and collated into well-known locations. At the same time information which scientists are not aware of could be unearthed by librarians for their use.

Connect with Geoffrey through…
Library facebook:
University Twitter: @LuanarBunda ‏




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Presenter Profile Series: First installment

At last, our Presenter Profile Series begins today! We know you’ve been waiting all year to hear about our 2017 speakers for #IamHawaii. We start the series with Anne Moser from Wisconsin, USA. Anne will be presenting a poster on ‘Blurring the Edges of Collaboration – Art and Science’.

A little bit about Anne…

Anne is Senior Special Librarian in the Wisconsin Water Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she has worked since 2008. She has been a proud IAMSLIC member since she attended her first conference in Dania Beach, Florida in 2013. Anne recently enjoyed hosting the SAIL 2017 regional meeting in Madison. In her position at the UW, she manages a small library focused on freshwater science with an emphasis on the Great Lakes and the water resources of Wisconsin. More and more of her duties revolve around outreach and education to lifelong learners interested in aquatic sciences, from preschool age through retirement. She participates in events such as preschool story times at public libraries, a tall ship sail around Lake Michigan with formal educators and presentations to senior citizens in inland Wisconsin on issues related to microplastics.

Anne has worked as a special librarian in Madison, Wisconsin and Seattle, Washington over the course of her nearly 30 year career in libraries in local government, environmental consulting and higher education. Water has gotten a grip on her and she is deeply grateful to work in this area of environmental science. Anne holds a B.A. in Spanish and Art History from Colby College in Waterville, Maine and an M.A. in Library and Information Studies from the UW-Madison.


Talk to Anne in Honolulu about…
Please feel free to come talk to me at the conference! Professionally, I am especially interested in talking with anyone about duties and roles they have taken on that are outside the norm of traditional library functions. On a personal level, I absolutely love to hike and bike and be in the outdoors as much as possible. I love listening to all kinds of music, especially folk, bluegrass and old time stuff. I recently traveled to Senegal to visit our eldest daughter and would love to share stories with anyone that has traveled to or lives in West Africa. Finally I love to read so I imagine I can talk to everyone!

Anne will be presenting…

Title: Blurring the Edges of Collaboration – Art and Science
Abstract: Research supported by the UW-Madison Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute (WSG) is ultimately relevant to people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, or education level. WSG seeks out a diversity of collaborators to reach a diverse range of audiences with its outreach and education efforts in order to inspire a science-informed society. As an outreach component of WSG, the Wisconsin Water Library has held several events in recent years in support of a multidisciplinary approach to educating the public about wicked problems relating to water. One recent event in the spring of 2016 had the library assisting two UW-Madison MFA student artists organizing “Poly Pledge” events to raise awareness of plastic in the Great Lakes and area waters. Anne will highlight recent activities where unique collaborations were forged and surprising common ground was found between artists and scientists.

Connect with Anne through…  

Twitter: @WiscWaterLib


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Aloha Hawaii! 43rd annual IAMSLIC conference

It’s that time of the year again and we are on an excited countdown to our 43rd annual conference, being held this year in Honolulu, Hawaii October 22-26. Blurring the Edges: The Osmosis of Ideas, is shaping up to be a great conference so far. Our expectations are high and the venue alone should make you tingle with anticipation.

The conference will be hosted by the University of Hawaii and the NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center. Stay tuned to this blog as we will bring you details of our speakers over the coming weeks and reveal to you the excellent networking, collaboration, and learning opportunity, that this conference brings.

Conference details are available at you can find information on lodgings, transport, registration, the programme, local attractions and all the usual stuff.

Please tweet and include @iamslicorg and our conference hashtag #IamHawaii, we’d love to see pictures of how you’re preparing for the conference, your posters being printed, practicing for your talk, getting on your flight- everything around this conference is exciting and we’d like to share it with you, so get tweeting 🙂

This could be you in a few weeks!

Conference committees

Program Planning Committee

Dave Baca, Chair

Steve Watkins, President

Jeanine Scaramozzino, Junior President-Elect


Maureen Nolan, CYAMUS

Hannah Russell, Pacific Islands

Jean Thoulag, University of Hawaii

Local Committee

Kris Anderson

Jean Thoulag

Thumy Web

Posted by Stephanie Ronan on behalf of the communications team.

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BBC series on the Pacific Ocean

I have been enjoying the BBC film series “Big Pacific”.  Three episodes have been released so far and can be watched for free online at:
Note that they expire and will no longer be available after one month.  This means the first one goes away on July 19th.
The photography is great.
Joe Wible
Hopkins Marine Station, librarian emeritus
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27th Annual SAIL Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin

The 27th annual meeting of the SAIL Regional Group of IAMSLIC was held May 16-19 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Anne Moser of the Aquatic Sciences Center (UW-Madison) and Alisun DeKock of the Shedd Aquarium (Chicago) co-hosted the conference for 26 IAMSLIC-SAIL members, speakers, and guests. Madison welcomed us with traditional Midwestern weather – we needed shorts and t-shirts the first day, umbrellas the next, pants and jackets by the end. Spring weather aside, the conference kicked off with a Wisconsin-style BBQ dinner on Tuesday evening with a presentation and tour of the Aquatic Sciences Center.

SAIL conference 2017 attendees overlooking Lake Mendota

Wednesday and Thursday included two full days of excellent and informative conference sessions from members and guest speakers, the SAIL business meeting, and State of the Union–SAIL Libraries. Thursday was capped off  with a tour of the Madison capitol building by our most erudite local guide, Anne Moser, and a dinner “on the square” with a view of the capitol dome over local beer, freshly caught whitefish from Lake Michigan and, of course, cheese curds.

The inside of “the people’s house” better known as the Wisconsin capitol building.

On Friday, a smaller group remained in the city for a tour of the Aldo Leopold Center, just north of Madison. Leopold is considered by many to be the father of wildlife ecology and the US wilderness system. We were thrilled to visit “the Shack” where he did so much of his ecological observation and wrote many of the essays that comprise A Sand County Almanac.

Lupins were in full bloom in Wisconsin!

SAIL visits “the Shack” at the Aldo Leopold Center

Many thanks to our sponsors Wisconsin TechSearch, UW Press, WT Cox, Springer Nature, DEMCO and ProQuest for their support of this year’s conference.

If you’d like to learn more about this year’s SAIL conference and its sessions, check out the program at

-Alisun DeKock

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Useful video product of Marine Conservation class

This short 3+ minute video was produced by a Stanford University undergraduate as part of the Marine Conservation course taken at Hopkins Marine Station.  I learned a few things about how to contact your legislators that I was not aware of.  For example, did you realize it takes about a month for a postal letter to reach your senator or congressperson because of security (eg. no anthrax powder)?
Joe Wible
Hopkins Marine Station, emeritus
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17th Biennial EURASLIC Meeting, Bremen, Germany

17th Biennial EURASLIC Meeting entitled Riding the Wave: Information Retrieval and Resource Management for the Future was held from 8-10 May, at Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Bremen, Germany. At the participant’s arrival the sun shined upon the town after a long time of cold weather, as we were told. Despite some obstacles that preceded the conference everything went smoothly according the plan. The evening before the conference participants met at the ice-breaking gathering on the top floor of the ZMT outbuilding.

The results of election were announced during the conference, the old EURASLIC Executive Board was discharged and new one appointed. Bart Goossens is re-elected as EURASLIC President, while Christina Schrader became new Vice- President and as a Member representatives Olivia Diehr and Kateryna Kulakova were elected. Complete list of Executive Board is available at EURASLIC -executive-board page.

The full report is available at EURASLIC webpage

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17th EURASLIC Biennial Conference – Program

The final version of the program for 17th EURASLIC Biennial Conference is now available on Conference site: Program

For those that would like to participate, the registration is still open.
Please register by email to: and give your name, your billing address and your institution you belong to. After registration you’ll receive a confirmation including the invoice of the registration fee.
More: Registration

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bremen!

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