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IOC Communication Strategy for Marine Information Management 2015-2017

It is interesting to read the just published –IOC Communication Strategy for Marine Information Management 2015-2017

This document outlines a framework for communication activities for 2015-2017 identifying new objectives while building on previous outcomes. It acknowledges the need to broaden the understanding of MIM by the wider IODE Data Management community and identify robust mechanisms, which will improve communication between IODE Officers and GE-MIM and with other relevant agencies in marine information management. Effective communications will allow GE-MIM to disseminate these outcomes in a targeted and efficient manner, thereby promoting marine information management.

Regarding the IODE XXIII Session held at the Provincial Court in Brugge, Belgium March 17-20, the extensive report of the meeting is available in the IODE website

I want to thank Heike LUST from VLIZ-Flanders Marine Institute in Belgium and IAMSLIC member on the Joint IODE-IAMSLIC Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GEMIM), for her participation  in the XXIII Session on behalf of our Association.

Guillermina Cosulich- IAMSLIC President 2014-2015


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