How to Post & Comment

Creating Posts

1. Click Login in the menu on the right. Enter username and password. You will then be directed to the Dashboard page.

2. Click Write, then Write Post.

3. Title your new post.

4. Type the content of your post into the WYSIWYG editor box. Be cautious about copying and pasting from external websites. Please do not copy and paste content from Word documents.

5. To create a link, first highlight the text to be linked, click on the Link button, and type or paste in the URL. The authoring software does not automatically create links, or retain links that are copied and pasted from elsewhere.

6. If appropriate, upload relevant files using the Add media links.

7. Assign your post to one or more Categories (Announcements, Reference Questions, etc.).

8. Please sign your name at the end of the message, it is not automatically inserted.

9. Click Publish.

10. Logout when you are finished.

Commenting on Posts

1. Login, click “Visit Site” at top of screen, locate the post.

2. Click on the link below the post that indicates the number of comments.

3. Add your comments and click Submit Comment.