Presenter Profile Series: Maria Kalentsits

Second up today we have Maria Kalentsits. Learn more about this #IAMSLICUganda presenter below.

A bit about Maria…

Maria Kalentsits has been working with the ASFA Secretariat since 2015. Her previous assignments were with the Estonian Marine Institute as a librarian and with the University of the South Pacific (Fiji) as a Coordinator of the Pacific Islands Marine Resources Information System (PIMRIS). Prior to joining the ASFA Secretariat, she worked for FAO as the Fisheries Librarian between 2011 and 2015. Within the ASFA Secretariat, Maria is currently carrying out essential duties of the ASFA Editor-in-Chief.

Maria was the IAMSLIC President in 2012-2013 and hosted two IAMSLIC conferences – in 2008 (USP/PIMRIS, Suva, Fiji) and 2015 (FAO, Rome, Italy). She is representing FAO/ASFA at the Aquatic Commons Board and is a member of the FAO-IAMSLIC Joint Activities Group.

You can talk to Maria in Entebbe about…

ASFA partnership and evolving information needs in the aquatic and fisheries sector. Maria likes gardening, reading and swimming.

Maria will be presenting on…

Title: FAO ASFA Secretariat Update: ASFA – IAMSLIC Co-operation

Authors: Maria Kalentsits, FAO (Presenter) & Tamsin Vicary, FAO

Abstract: The co-operation between FAO and IAMSLIC is developed based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by these organizations back in 2005. The presentation will report on the state of activities of mutual interest that ASFA is involved in. A brief overview of transitional changes that ASFA is proposing will be provided.

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