The International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) is an association of individuals and organizations interested in library and information science, especially as these are applied to the recording, retrieval and dissemination of knowledge and information in all aspects of aquatic and marine sciences and their allied disciplines. The association provides a forum for exchange and exploration of ideas and issues of mutual concern.

The 41st IAMSLIC Annual Conference Blue Growth: Motivating Innovations in Aquatic Information Management will be held at FAO in Rome, Italy, September 7-11, 2015, in conjunction with the 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting.

The 2015 Annual Cyamus Meeting will be held March 11-14, 2015, with hosting duties shared by the NOAA Western Regional Center and the University of Washington in Seattle.

The 2015 SAIL Conference will be held from May 19-22 at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina.


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