Introducing another great presenter for #IamMex16

Hello Iamslickers,

We’ll start a new week with a new batch of presenters for #IamMex16. We hope you’re getting excited about the conference now!

Next up is Barb Butler and as a past president of Iamslic, we’re sure most of your will know her already. But for those who do not, please feel free to pop up to Barb for a chat. As you can tell she loves dogs, but also gardening, cycling, cooking, pets and just about any outdoor activity! She would also love to talk to new members about IAMSLIC and how to get the most out of this wonderful organization while getting to know some amazingly helpful colleagues!


Barb Butler has been an IAMSLIC member and the solo-librarian at University of Oregon’s Institute of Marine Biology for the past 25 years. She holds a BS in Biological Sciences and an MS in Range Management from University of California, Davis and received her MLIS from University of California, Berkeley. She enjoys using her science background in a library setting and in a one-person library has the opportunity to work closely with students, staff and faculty on all facets of library resources: reference, instruction, and collection development in marine science. Her research interests are open-access resources, core journal collections, collaborative collection development, data visualization via geo-referenced citations, and best practices for one-person and remotely located libraries. She is co-editor of the open-access resource Oregon Estuarine Invertebrates, the topic of her presentation this year. Barb is a past-president of IAMSLIC and has served on a number of IAMSLIC committees.

Title: Open access publishing: Oregon Estuarine Invertebrates
ABSTRACT: OIMB (Oregon Institute of Marine Biology) Director Jerry Rudy and his wife Lynn in conjunction with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The original edition was digitized and made freely available via University of Oregon’s institutional repository. Five years later the second edition, incorporating 30 previously unpublished species profiles, was made publically available as well. At that point each species description was published as a separate chapter in order to make it easier to update individual species accounts as needed. This open access resource has been well-used by OIMB classes and biologists in Washington, Oregon and California, but the content was 30 years out-of-date. In 2014-2016, with the help of a graduate student, the majority of the species descriptions were updated. Each of these individual species profiles will be combined to produce the third edition of Oregon Estuarine Invertebrates in summer 2016. The stepwise-approach to making an open access and perpetually updatable resource may serve as a model for other IAMSLIC libraries.

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