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AFRIAMSLIC Mini meeting held during the ASFA Board in Beijing, China Oct. 15, 2014

During the last  ASFA Board Meeting,  five members of AFRIAMSLIC – IAMSLIC Regional Group as well as Ms Guillermina Cosulich, IAMSLIC Chair  attended the  mini meeting  called by the chair of the  group, Ms Arame Ndiaye  Keita-Senegal.

Participants were  Mr James Macharia-Kenya, Ms Saida Messaouidi- Tunisia, Ms Ana Maria Alfredo- Mozambique and  Ms Alice Endra- Uganda.

The meeting was short  but  productive with Ms Endra as rapporteur: Main issues discussed were about: AFRIAMSLIC Membership, -AFRIAMSLIC Communication ( Website and Facebook) and- HOSTING  the 2018  Conference in the Region.

Please read the Minutes posted in IAMSLIC website. Some  information are  available on AFRIAMSLIC- IAMSLIC Regional Group  facebook page.

Posted  By Ms Arame Ndiaye Keita, AFRIAMSLIC  Representative

AFRIAMSLIC meeting picture-China-2014

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Open Access to scientific information: presentation of the INIDEP Repository “Mar Abierto”- beta version

logo Mar Abierto

The INIDEP librarians are very pleased to announce that the first presentation of the institutional Repository “Mar Abierto” (OpenSea) was made to all the scientific staff and a few invited librarian friends, last October 23rd, celebrating also the Open Access International Week and the INIDEP Anniversary.

Gabriela Silvoni is the Technical Responsible and it was developed in Dspace by Leticia Lizondo and with the Informatic support of Edwin Abot, within the frame of the Ministry of Science and Technology initiatives, as part of the National Digital Repository Systems. Important is to mention here that we also participate in the Board of the National Marine Data System and Leticia is the only librarian included.

The Repository content includes now 300 documents, all the scientific production published at INIDEP, including historical publications from the former Marine Biology Institute (Mar del Plata 1960-1977). Lots of documents were migrated from Aquatic Commons and OceanDocs and in the near future articles published in international Journals will be uploaded.

The presentation of “Mar Abierto” within a National System reinforces what we have walked in this direction until now, and our commitment trying always to make available all the national scientific production in marine, aquatic and fisheries sciences, since the year 2013 protected by the National Law Nº 26899.
We hope to have it available and accessible for everybody at the beginning of 2015.

More information in the INIDEP website

Guillermina Cosulich/ Gabriela Silvoni/ Leticia Lizondo / Quimey Navas/

The INIDEP librarians, Mar del Plata, Argentina

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