40th Anniversary Poster Corner

Forty Years of Sailing: Connecting Islands in a Digital World

Regarding our 40th celebration, special activities will be held. We invite you to join us personally or send a poster !

* There will be a Special Poster Corner for the History of IAMSLIC, open during the whole Conference,   for all those who would like to remember and share images and thoughts of people, moments, conferences, Guin Auctions and achievements, and to celebrate how IAMSLIC connects all of us members. This Corner will be especially dedicated to the retired ones and those that sailed from the very beginning of this Association.

Posters- paper version:

Option 1- bring the poster yourself to the Conference.

Option 2- if you are not attending the Conference, send it by snail mail – regular post office- but note it will take some time, so send it very much in advance addressed to: IAMSLIC Conference c/o Mary-Clare Ame, Librarian, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), 95 Promenade Roger Laroque,  BP D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex,  New Caledonia

Option 3- send it to a member who is going to attend the Conference and lives close to you (see list of attendees in the website).

 Posters- pdf version:

Will be included in the website once the Conference is over. Send it to: Guillermina Cosulich gcosulich@inidep.edu.ar

* Within the Conference there will be a Special Session on: Importance of library associations: IAMSLIC. We already have an oral presentation by Samuela Nakalevu from SPC-Fiji, a panel with experienced and active IAMSLIC members, and two posters.

Share with everyone your experiences !  Thank you!

On behalf of the planning committees, Guillermina Cosulich, Conference Convener;
Mary-Clare Ame, Local Host; Sally Taylor, IAMSLIC President


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