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Forty Years of Sailing: Connecting Islands in a Digital World 

40th IAMSLIC Conference and 2nd PIRG Meeting

September 14-18, 2014


Sailing has been a main means of transportation for the nations of the Pacific Ocean.

Navigators have traditionally sailed their canoes from island to island, from village to village, from people to people, on short and long journeys, for trading purposes, and many times, to share and exchange goods, their knowledge and their experiences. Likewise, IAMSLIC has journeyed, drifting along the oceans for forty years to connect five Regional Groups, sharing marine and aquatic information, skills, and knowledge.

The vision and passion that started forty years ago continues to drive this specialized librarian association into the digital world. This year, our concerns are mainly focused on our commitment with open access and repository contents, digitization, long-term preservation of important documents and collections, data management, partnerships and strategies to make available the information of the Pacific Islands. New technologies transform the world, but only with dedicated and enthusiastic people will this change be positive and creative.

We invite you to view a list of suggested topics on the Call for Proposals page. Year 2014 will be a unique historical opportunity to look backwards and forwards within IAMSLIC besides networking with veteran and contemporary colleagues, during breaks, the welcome reception, closing banquet and optional field trips. And of course, there will be individual presentations, panel discussions, posters, quick green flash talks and vendor participation.

A Special Poster Corner for the History of IAMSLIC will be open during the whole Conference to remember and share images of persons, moments, conferences, workshops, Guin Auctions, achievements and thoughts about how IAMSLIC connects all of us members. It will be dedicated to the retirees and those who sailed this Association from the very beginning.

Prior to the conference we have scheduled a half day Workshop on a subject that will be important for the Region. The date and details will be announced in due course.

This will be our second year to organize an Aquatic Commons Work Party for the afternoon on Thursday, September 18th. There will be room for approximately 15 volunteers to help an organization by submitting their content to the Aquatic Commons repository. You can gain experience with Aquatic Commons and contribute to its success.  If you have suggestions for a Pacific organization that would benefit from our help, please let Guillermina Cosulich  know.

It is a pleasure to be hosted by the Pacific Islands Regional Group!

We invite you to join us for the 40th IAMSLIC Annual Anniversary Conference and 2nd Pacific Islands Regional Group (PIRG) Meeting to be held September 14-18, 2014 at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)  located in Noumea, New Caledonia.

On behalf of the Planning Committees, we look forward to seeing you in September !

Guillermina Cosulich- Conference Convenor and Chair-  <>

Mary-Clare Ame- Local Host and PIRG Coordinator-  <>

Sally Taylor- IAMSLIC President 2013-2014– <>  


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