Aquatic Commons Board 2011-2013

My sincere appreciation on behalf of the IAMSLIC members goes to the retiring Aquatic Commons Board members who have contributed their time and expertise over the last 4 years: Stephanie Haas, Jean Collins, Pauline Simpson, Frederic Merceur, Lisa Raymond, Helen Wibley, Linda Pikula and Peter Pissierssens.

The 2011-2013 Aquatic Commons Board members:
Chair – Joan Parker
IAMSLIC Junior vice-president: Maria Kalenchits
IAMSLIC Member at large: Andrea Cristiani
IAMSLIC Technical representative: Hardy Schwamm
IAMSLIC Regional representative: Sally Taylor
ASFA/FAO Liaison – Armand Gribling
IODE representative: Linda Pikula
IAMSLIC President (ex-officio): Marcia Croy-Vanwely

For more information:

IAMSLIC President

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1 Comment

  1. Kathy Heil Said,

    February 17, 2011 @ 9:39 pm

    I have a large (600+pages) document I’d like to add to the Aquatic commons, but was wondering about breaking it down by sections rather than one huge document, should I? How?