Aquatic Commons Board

Chair: Sally Taylor (2016-2018)

Stephen Alayon, Member-at-Large (2015-2017)
Maureen Nolan, Member-at-Large (2015-2017)
Ingrid Čatić, Member-at-Large (2015-2017)
Helen Wibley, ASFA/FAO Liaison (2015-2017)
Aditya Naik Kakodkar, IODE Technical Representative (2015-2017)
Linda Pikula, IODE Representative (2015-2017)
Amanda Whitmire, Member-at-Large (2016-2018)
Jeanine Scaramozzino, Junior President Elect (2016-2017)

Term: Term for the members is 2 years, except for the IAMSLIC President and Junior President Elect as these are not two year terms attached to a person but are filled by the individuals in office.

Voting: Each person in the above listing has 1 vote except for the IAMSLIC President and the two IODE representatives.

Charge: The responsibility of the Board (ACB) is to guide the development of the Aquatic Commons digital repository for IAMSLIC. Specific tasks include:

  • Advising on technical requirements and identifying priorities for customization and development.
  • Promoting the Aquatic Commons to IAMSLIC members and providing training to encourage content recruitment and use of the repository.
  • Partnering with ASFA, FAO and ProQuest to increase content and access to publications in the repository.
  • Exploring ways to optimize the combined resources of IAMSLIC and IODE to create a more widely recognized repository
  • Investigating the creation of a “Friends of the Aquatic Commons” to build financial and in-kind support for the repository.

Although members of the Board are appointed by the IAMSLIC Executive Board, any task forces or working groups may be independently constituted by the Aquatic Commons Board.

Editorial Review Board 2015-2017
Jean Collins
Alan Allwardt
Lisa Raymond
Pauline Simpson
Daryl Superio

Background documents

More information
Please see the Aquatic Commons and Publications and Presentations pages on the IAMSLIC website, and the Aquatic Commons site. Annual reports are available in the members’ area.