Presenter Profile Series: Andreas H.L.T. Hainghumbi



Today’s Presenter Profile Series features Andreas H.L.T. Hainghumbi from the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources (National Marine Information & Research Centre – NatMIRC), Namibia. Read below to learn more about Andreas, one of this year’s #IAMSLICUganda presenters.

A little bit about Andreas…

Andreas has been working at the National Marine Information & Research Centre as an Information Manager or Librarian since the year 2012. He is the administrator for Namibia National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC website) and in-putter of Namibia Ocean-Doc Repositories. Andreas is also an author of 9 non-fiction books and he likes reading, writing, cooking, travelling and playing all sorts of sports.

Andreas will present…

Title: Namibia Marine Data Collection

Abstract: This presentation will give an overview of how the National Marine Information & Research Centre collects its data’s and the functions of such data. This will include a brief description of data collecting techniques used or applied by NatMIRC scientists and the processes involved in transforming such data into information and the functions/role of such information thereafter.

Connect with Andreas through…


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