More sponsored memberships and new application form

I am pleased to announce that the IAMSLIC Executive Board has approved an expansion to the IAMSLIC-sponsored memberships that are available to new IAMSLIC members. For a number of years IAMSLIC has offered a limited number of one-time three-year sponsored memberships free of charge to new members from low and middle income countries. As described on the Join IAMSLIC page, similar one-time one-year sponsored memberships are now also available to new members from high income countries. Up to five sponsored memberships may be awarded in each category each year.

Please help recruit new members by sharing this news with any and all librarians, information specialists and library school students you meet!

In addition, there is a new online IAMSLIC Membership Application Form linked from the Join IAMSLIC page that makes it easier to apply for membership.

Steve Watkins
IAMSLIC President 2016-2017

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