Problems with ILL email requests

Apparently our campus has recently made changes to the software that attempts to identify spam email messages and as a result, most of the ILL requests submitted via the Z39.50 Distributed Library or the Union List of Marine and Aquatic serials have not gone through correctly for the past week or so. I believe this was happening because the system has been inserting the requesting library’s email address into the “From:” address in the outgoing emails. Therefore, the email looks suspicious to the spam filters because the name of the sender is not someone with an account on the server from which the email is being generated (it appears to be a third party). I have changed the scripts in the Interlibrary Loan module so that ILL requests will now be coming from which is a real user on the server. The requesting library will still receive a copy of each request they submit, but it will be in the “Cc:” field instead of the “From:” field. Hopefully this will solve the problem, but please contact me at if you are still not receiving email copies of requests you have submitted.

Anyone who has submitted an ILL request in the past week should probably resubmit it if you have not heard from the owning library. Chances are that the email never got through to them, especially if you never received a confirmation email yourself.

My apologies for the problems and the inconvenience.

Warm regards,

–Steve Watkins

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