Issuing Agency Field in Aquatic Commons


The intent of the Issuing Agency field is to provide branding to a record, in the sense of communities of DSpace.

As record reviewers have worked with depositors on legacy collections, many variations in agency names have become apparent.  The Issuing Agency field is most effectively used to cluster the publications of agencies that have had multiple name changes, have replaced older and now defunct organizations, and have items to include from  publishing efforts outside their own publication streams, e.g., researchers publishing in journals, etc.

Issuing Agency will often be different from the publisher.

This field is searchable in “Advanced Search” and can be used to place a dynamic search from AC onto your website to provide a constantly updated list of publications from your organisation and/or the Issuing Agency.  To create this link, do an advanced search with the appropriate name in the Issuing Agency field, then use that URL as a hyperlink off your own homepage to provide a real-time list of your publications.

Example: Florida Geological Survey
URL to include is:


Jean Collin’s comments on this issue in terms of contributions from developing countries:

The message that came from the African participants at the Workshop last year was that the Issuing Agency field is very important for their institutions to be able to ‘brand’ all of their?deposits – visibility for them is very important, especially being able to?point donors to something where they can easily extract results.


1. Check the Authority list for Issuing Agency on the IAMSLIC website to see if the agency is listed.  If it is, enter this information in your record as it appears on the list.

2. If your agency does not appear on the list, determine the most appropriate format for the name and send it via email to Stephanie Haas ( who will update the IAMSLIC website list as necessary.

3.  Please remember that the reviewers will not be adding Issuing Agency to records.

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