Monday, August 27, 2012: Second Day


Monday, August 27, 2012

The day began with a welcome from the UAA Chancellor, Tom Case.  Opening comments by Amy Butros who is running in reverse, she began her presidency in Zanzibar and is ending in Anchorage.  Maria Kalentsis then gave us a few tips on organizing a fabulous conference and officially convened us all.

Had a quick break as we were already ahead of schedule.  Then Dr. Gunnar Knapp gave us an overview of Alaska fisheries and current policy issues.  He discussed the 3 types of fisheries (sport, commercial & subsistence) as well as the types of fish that are sought (salmon, herring, halibut, shellfish & groundfish).  The different policies used to keep those fisheries sustainable such as limited entry and individual fishing quotas. No system will be liked by the various parties managing the fisheries, but these policies are working so far for Alaska.

Another quick break and the 1st business meeting was called to order. Well, the membership did behave for the most part, I’m not sure we are ever an orderly bunch.  You’ll have to check the minutes when they are posted as I was busy setting up the Guin Auction. Had to print more auction bidding slips as I ran out and I thought I was going to have extra.  Ah, the generosity of librarians to help support their own.  I’ll post a full range of pictures.  Perhaps we should start a betting pool as well on which of the items will go for the highest bid.  Of course, we could also post a private auction or arrange for bidding for off-site folks in future auctions. Seriously, if you’re not here, there is some fabulous stuff up for grabs this year.  Folks have outdone themselves.

Bidding was opened on the Guin Auction as lunch was served. After a lunch consisting of a baked potato bar, soup & chili (awesome chili), we moved back to our spots to listen to exciting innovations in patron instruction.  Michelle Leonard worked on an NSF grant to develop a computer game to teach researchers (students & faculty) about ethical research.  She also showed us some of the other tools for conducting ethical research and teaching scientists about various tasks that some faculty forget students don’t already know.  Sorry, I wasn’t born with the knowledge of how to keep a notebook. Not that I know now as I was never taught.

Anyway, we moved on to Elizabeth Connor talking about QR codes: 1. why the are useful 2. how to create them.  They are fun.  You could have a lot of fun with plain text ones in your library as well as posting contact information, hours, or other useful information in various places around the library.  You can post maps that students or others can download to their smartphones.  Would be interesting to see if we could add QR codes to catalog records that geolocate books like geocaches in the library.  I think I might most a few around the library as plain text links with jokes about why the salmon crossed the road.  No, of course, I don’t know why the salmon crossed the road. I don’t think they know. Salmon brains are really quite small and they don’t think much.

Another break with veggies & dip.  THey are sooo helping me stick to a better diet. Thank you very much.

We returned to presentations on the importance of staying relevant and how this problem really is global for libraries all over the world.  Perhaps folks should chime in on the email list when they have a bright idea for sharing information or new services the library can pursue in order to draw attention to our other services.  Don’t wait for the Green Flash or conference, get the word out.  Save a colleague!

Our afternoon invited speaker was AWESOME.  Environmental justice with worldwide case studies and contaminants in Alaska. Dr Frank von Hippel is an ecotoxicologist at the university.  His presentation was riveting. Absolutely riveting.  The damage we have done as humans in places where our fellow humans are affected. The social injustices, the economic costs. Wow.  But there is hope.  We can figure out where things are going wrong, train and use citizen scientists to monitor conditions, invest in clean up of toxics and make the world a better place.

And, we were free for the day.  A large group took off for The Bridge Restaurant with Kristen C. of the vendor variety serving as host to the party.  THANK YOU!!!    Not sure I can give more detail than that, but they are a well-known publisher (T.R.)


Should thank all of our conference sponsors, Ebsco, Proquest, Inter-Research, Thomson-Reuters, IODE, UAA, Harrassowitz, cruiseabout, Discovery Car Hire Australia, Dejan Seo, iSelect, Centrepoint Finance, OzForex & ninfold Cloud Computing. Without their generous support, we wouldn’t really be able to afford to put on such great conferences.  Donations by local companies for the Guin Auction were from: Arctic Office Products, Humpy’s Great Alaskan Ale House, Kobuk Coffee Company, Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria & the UAA bookstore.

StreamNet Regional Librarian
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


PS Many of us are disappointed that we have not seen any wildlife beyond ducks in the lake behind the hotel. But we’re still on the lookout for the charismatic megafauna we were practically promised by the Alaska advertising.

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