IAMSLIC IODE Training Survey Reopened!

Dear IAMSLIC Members – All of you-not just conference attendees!

Please take some time to take the Training Survey – we would like to know your needs, opinions and of course if you would like to volunteer to instruct , we would like that information as well!

As you know, an agreement was signed between IOC/IODE and IAMSLIC to promote cooperations between the two organizations.  IODE has been successfully running a training programme for many years and has involved some really eminent librarians and information specialists as lecturers….ILMS creators, ASFA people etc.  At a time when the need for and role of librarians is put into question, we need to make sure that our professional community has the best possible and most up to date know-how.  Additionally, we should demonstrate that we have much to offer, not only in terms of information management as we know and love it, but also as perhaps data managers, embedded librarians and ?  In cooperation with IODE and other partners, we can provide training for these emerging roles in our community.

I am pleased to report also that, IODE would sponsor training, not only  to developing countries, but would set aside some funding for participants from developed countries (perhaps limited to IAMSLIC members).

In order to identify the necessary training topics IAMSLIC and IODE posted an online survey in July.  Unfortunately (probably due to Summer holidays) we did not receive many responses.  This training can be an important benefit to you and the IAMSLIC community.  Please take some time – less that 10 minutes- to answer this survey- so that IAMSLIC and IODE can jointly work out a training program for 2012-2014 – that will benefit all of us.

The survey can be found at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/iamslic_iode2012

We will leave the survey open through September 15th.

The results will be openly posted.

(please note that this survey will not expose an individual’s answers)

Thank you!    Linda Pikula



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