Direct Links to USGS Publications Changing by September 1, 2011

The U.S. Geological Survey's Publications Warehouse ( will
complete a process to migrate all of its' on-line publications into Portable
Document Format (PDF) files by September1, 2011. At that time, the USGS will no
longer support the previous DJVU format for its on-line publications. Libraries
and Web site managers shouldlink to the publications citation page for USGS
publications. At sometime after September 1, 2011, direct links to DJVU files
will stop working and there will be no automatic redirect to the PDF version of
those materials.

A direct link to a USGS DVJU file currently looks like:
Once loaded in PDF, individual publications will have a link like this:

However, the preferred link to this publication is:

The citation link is the preferred link because it may include links to plates,
maps, appendices, etc. as well as links to the USGS Store to purchase paper
copies if they are available.  This migration has been sought by members of the
research community for some time. The DJVU format offered many benefits at a
time when bandwidth was a challenge. The PDF format offers a consistent format
for both historical and current publications and it allows users to download and
use information from USGS publications in the same way that they use research
journal articles and other scientific research products.

Over 70% of all USGS-published reports are available in an on-line format from
the USGS Publications Warehouse. The system currently includes citations to over
100,000 research articles, reports, and products produced by the USGS over the
last 130 years. The system also offers an RSS feed to keep users of earth and
natural science research informed about the products of the USGS.

Richard Huffine, Director
USGS Libraries Program
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20192
Tel 703-648-7182
Submitted by Joe Wible, Hopkins Marine Station

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