IODE Associate Information Units – an invitation to apply

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Dear Colleagues,

The IAMSLIC Executive Board would like to remind you of a new initiative from IODE (International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange) to join IODE as an Associate Information Unit (AIU).

The IAMSLIC Executive Board supports this community collaboration initiative and we encourage interested libraries to complete the application form at:

The invitation is extended to any organization, institution, project or programme that performs a marine science information management function and/or provides marine information services or products.

The goals are to promote greater communication with the global marine information community and offer it a greater voice to influence the planning of data and information products and services.

Benefits include:

  1. Being part of an international marine data and information vision
  2. Influencing the future digital direction of marine information
  3. Participating in innovative projects, meetings, training courses, workshops
  4. Sharing and gaining experience in new technology applications
  5. Being part of a professional network of global marine information managers

We are also pleased to congratulate two IAMSLIC member libraries that are the first to be accepted by IODE as Associate Information Units.

Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, United States
Contact: Lisa Raymond

INSTM Library
Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer
Salammbo, Tunisia
Contact: Saida Messaoudi

You will find more details in the presentation slides from the recent IAMSLIC 2018 Conference.

If you have questions, please contact Peter Pissierssens at:

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