ASFA survey on user needs

Dear colleagues,

ASFA wants to hear from you and your library users!

ASFA (Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts) is a database focused on fisheries and aquatic sciences. Input to the ASFA database is provided by an international network of information centers who monitor over 3,000 serial publications, in addition to books, reports, conference proceedings, translations and grey literature. Published since 1971, ASFA has recently begun an Impact Evaluation which will ensure ASFA adapts to meet the changing information needs of the fisheries and aquatic sciences sector.

As part of the Impact Evaluation, the ASFA Secretariat has set up a short survey to assess user needs. The survey should take no longer than five minutes to complete, and will provide ASFA with information on what you and your library users value in a fisheries and aquatic science database.

We would be grateful if you could share links to the survey at your institutions and other relevant organizations in your countries. The survey is open until 5th December.

The survey is available in six languages:

If you have any questions about ASFA you can contact the ASFA Secretariat here:

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