Presenter Profile Series: Caroline Kobusingye and Onan Mulumba

Our final post for #IAMSLICUganda’s Presenter Profile Series features Caroline Kobusingye and Onan Mulumba. We hope you enjoyed this year’s Presenter Profile Series and we look forward to sharing more about our amazing presenters next year for the 45th IAMSLIC Conference in Port Aransas, TX, USA!

A bit about Caroline… 

Caroline is a Country Focal Point of the UN – Technology Bank Project, Uganda. She is the National E-resources Coordinator for the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL) and, Head of the Periodicals Section at Makerere University Library. As the e-resources coordinator, she oversees the country’s e-resources activities which include: licensing and negotiations with the publishers, marketing and promoting the usage, trouble shooting to ensure that institutions have seamless access to e-resources, monitoring and evaluation of the usage, organizing and facilitating information literacy workshops among others. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Library and information Science and a Masters of Science in Information Science.

A bit about Onan… 

Onan Mulumba is a Country Focal Point of the UN – Technology Bank Project in Uganda. Additionally he is an Agricultural Librarian and the Head of the Agricultural Libraries at Makerere University, Uganda. Onan is ex-Research4Life users’ representative on the Executive Council and Winner of Research4Life Unsung Heroes award 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Information Science.

Onan and Caroline will be presenting on…

Title: Digital Access to Research: prospects of the Technology Bank Project of the United Nations

Abstract: In 2016, the United Nations General Assembly officially established the Technology Bank Project aimed at supporting and strengthening Science, Technology and Innovations in selected Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The focus area of the project was to promote digital access to research and technology in LDCs. Working in partnership with research4life, a partnership of 5 UN agencies (WHO, FAO, WIPO, ILO, UNEP), highly rated science publishers, Cornell and Yale Universities, that have been providing free access to global academic research through the five research4life programmes, as well as, in Collaboration with the Uganda Focal Persons, the Technology Bank aims to achieve its objective. This presentation, therefore, will aim at expanding awareness of the project activities in Uganda, the mode and scope of operation, and to build a partnership base through which the project will enhance research, technology and innovation in Uganda.
Keywords: Digital Access to Research; Technology Bank; Research4Life, Research, Innovation

They can be contacted through…


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