CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Hobart Library refurbishment

Those IAMSLIC members who visited Hobart, Tasmania for the conference in 2004 may remember the library as it was then.

In early 2005, space constraints in the Division initiated a review of the library space. It has taken a long time, much planning and discussion and a great deal of work in the collection, but the library refurbishment is now complete.

The library has been reduced in size by about one third, which necessitated a great deal of reduction of the collection. We disposed of a great deal of material, either by offering to other libraries within CSIRO, Australia generally or overseas. Some items were identified for disposal and offered to staff,  which was a very very popular move. Staff regularly visited out “give-away” table and items were eagerly snapped up.

We now have a smaller, but more functional work space for the staff, and we were particularly pleased that we retained the general study and reading areas for staff to use. We also have an area allocated for virtual training and team meetings.

Meredith Hepburn

Joel MacKeen

Angela Webb


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