Animal lover Lucrecia delighted to meet all on Sunday for #IamMex16

Hi all,

We’re back again with some more presenters to introduce you to before Sunday. Lucrecia Felquer hails from Argentia and was last on our list for introducing…until we got a few more last minute biographies to present to you. Who ever said librarians were organised? 🙂  We better push on and get introducing as we know many of you have planes to catch and last minute packing to do! While the rest of us await (green with envy) on tid bits of information from social media, including the @iamslicorg twitter account, the blog, the website and updates from our colleagues about how the conference is going. Have an amazing conference those of you in MĂ©rida and please keep up in the loop as we watch on!

We will endeavour to get the remaining introductions on the blog tomorrow.


Lucrecia Viviana Felquer is the Coordinator of the Agronomy & Veterinary Library and of the Northeastern Institute of Ichtyology, Northeastern National University (UNNE), Argentina where she manages all aspects of the library’s operation. She earned her BS degree in Library and Sciences Information and at present she is a student of the PH degree at the University of Granada, Spain. Besides, she teaches the subject Users Studies in the Library and Sciences Information Career at the Humanity Faculty depending from UNNE. Lucrecia enjoys very much helping in their information needs to students, researchers and external users. She also collaborates in the scientific edition at the Revista Veterinaria committee, a journal of the Veterinary Faculty, UNNE. Lucrecia is currently serving in the IAMSLIC Nominating Committee through 2016.

Please feel free to come talk to Lucrecia at the conference! She is especially interested in users needs, behaviors and satisfaction, scientific edition and even in new services and products of academic libraries. She also enjoys reading, nature, trees, flowers and any animals specially, dogs, butterflies and humming birds, they are all frequent in her garden. Lucky Lucrecia!

Title: User terms vs controlled terms

Abstract: The proposed discussion deals with the user representation in the searching and retrieving systems. The studied user belongs to the academic and research fields and it is interested in agricultural and ichthyology information. This user mainly interacts among documents, data, information and new knowledge as a potential modificator of language and communication. Thus, it must be in discussion the way the user searches and the terms she/he uses. Used terms have been identified and compared with those included in the ASFA and AGROVOC Thesaurii and user’s terms were identified and have been matched with those terms included in the controlled vocabularies. Mostly used terms have showed no association with those of the thesauri. This is what I would like to discuss with my colleagues who are specialists and interested on this subject.


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