Argentine Silverio anticipates Mayan conversations for #Iammex16

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To get everyone into the mood for Mérida, we introduce our next speaker coming from Argentina Silverio Ortiz. Silverio is very social and looks forward to meeting everyone at #IamMex16. Don’t miss a chance to have a chat with him, although best not to mention River Plate! This librarian is a big Boca Juniors fan and likes playing the guitar and singing Argentinean folk music. He likes drinking Mate and wines. Silverio is a country man at heart and loves the country side and riding horses as he raises a few cows with his father. Silverio also enjoys studying one of the native endangered languages spoken in Argentina, and teaches that language to children at primary school. He would love to hear the Mayan language from Yucatecan speakers in Mérida, and see how they preserve the knowledge and local culture. We think Silverio is really going to enjoy this conference!


Silverio Ortiz is a librarian of the National University of Comahue (Argentina) since 1994.  From 2008 to 2015 he was the chief of the IBMPAS Library in San Antonio Oeste, Patagonia Argentina. He joined IAMSLIC in 2009 thanks to the suggestions of the INIDEP Library colleagues. Since that, he has learnt and made the most of working in a collaboration context and sharing resources through marine research institutions. Silverio attended several courses on Marine Data and Information Management, and acquired skills to implement digital library services. Nowadays, he works in the implementation of the University’s open access policies and a digital library at the Faculty of Languages (UNCo). Also, he isthe manager of two academic journals.

Title: The impact of collaboration activities in ILL Services: 5 years of IAMSLIC membership benefits from libraries worldwide (2010-2015)

Abstract: The IBMP/UNCOMA Library (Universidad Nacional del Comahue) in Argentina has been member of IAMSLIC since 2010. Before the membership, marine information management was traditionally carried out by researchers who were used to request the information to the document’s authors or Institution. Since the IBMP became an IAMSLIC member, the traditional requesting activities were replaced by an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service performed by the Library that improved the flow of requested articles by means of the resource sharing among member libraries worldwide. This poster shows the requested documents evolution; lending libraries rank; and the global distribution of items and institutions throughout 5 years of membership (2010-2015) as a result of the impact of cooperative activities between libraries.

Social Media: Facebook as Silver Ortiz

Silverio sends ”Un abrazo para los Amigos y Amigas de IAMSLIC!” 🙂

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