Retired and extremely active, our next presenter from the USA for #IamMex16

Dear all,

It’s the final countdown! At the end of the week everyone will be packing their bags and going to Mexico ¡Vámonos!

Our next speaker is former Iamslic president Joan Parker. Although recently retired, she is still involved in Iamslic and we are delighted that she will be attending some of the conference. If you see Joan, have a chat to her about her vast experience in IAMSLIC and especially about the Aquatic Commons and bird watching! 

joan-parker Joan with her friend Snowdy, who will also attend #IamMex16. Introduce yourself to them!

Joan Parker joined IAMSLIC in 1988 and attended her first conference in Bermuda. She has served as Cyamus’ regional representative, IAMSLIC President and Chair of the Aquatic Commons Board. Her most treasured memory of her time in this organization was being part of a group of Cyamus members who ventured to Baja California in the 1990’s to make connections with marine science librarians there. After retiring from the MLML/MBARI Research Library last December, Joan has returned to her roots of field biology, especially bird watching. She is delighted that IAMSLIC is returning to Mexico for its annual conference. Although she will not be attending the entire conference, while there, Joan looks forward to many conversations about the Aquatic Commons.

Joan will be co-presenting with Steve Watkins

Title: Aquatic Commons and LibraryBox project update

Abstract:  Joan and Steve will be giving a brief demonstration and update on this LibraryBox project at the conference.

Posted on behalf of the communications team by Stephanie Ronan

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