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Welcome to our third week of speaker introductions for #IamMex16. We have less than a month to go until the big event in Mérida, Mexico from October 16-20. It’s only 12℃ here in Ireland this morning and will peak at 16℃. Although it’s 3am in Mérida it’s already 25℃ and will climb to 33℃. Sounds heavenly to me, autumnal sun and a great conference, what could be better?! If you haven’t booked those flights yet, now’s the time!

Our next speakers hail from Urugury and will be co-presenting at #IamMex16: Aída Sogaray and Teresa Morelli


Aída Sogaray has been a member of IAMSLIC since 2005 and is the Latin American Regional Group Coordinator IAMSLIC (2013-2016). So if you need to know anything about the area, have a chat with her! Aída holds degree in Library Science from the University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay (1999). She also holds a diploma specialising in digital documentation from the University Paul Valéry Montpellier III, CLAEH University Institute (2006-2007). She is the chief of DINARA Library from 2004 to date. Throughout her career she has taken several courses on bibliographic organization in the digital environment. This is a very busy lady and to add to her committee membership, she is a member of the advisory committee “Portal Timbó” Uruguay (2007 to date), a member of the Technical Committee SIDALC Uruguay (2000 to date), a founding member of the Uruguayan Association of Academic Journals AURA (2015 to date) and finally a member of Uruguay Librarians Association, ABU – IFLA (1995 to date). All of these demonstrate her strong commitment and lifelong dedication to the profession.

When you are at the conference please come and talk to Aída about the Latin American Regional Group, but also her presonal interests, which are varied, such as aquariams, plants, cactus, dogs, cats and football.


Teresa Morelli holds her degree in Library Science from the University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay and also has a diploma in Cultural Management. Technique in Quality Management. She is editor of the Journal of the Faculty of Law of the University of the Republic and site manager of Academic Publications in the same institution. Teresa is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Information and Communication at the University of the Republic.  She is a member of the Association of Librarians Uruguay, ABU – IFLA and a founding member and member of the Board of AURA (Uruguayan Association of Academic Journals).

Teresa is especially interested in academic publishing online, theater, gardens and ponds. She hopes to discuss these and other issues at the meeting, so please approach her for a chat at #IamMex16. 
Title:  Towards quality of academic publications in Uruguay

Abstract: Librarians and publishers of scientific journals from multiple disciplines in Uruguay, after the First Training Workshop for Publishers: Scientific Journals and Quality Criteria organized by Latindex and SciELO Uruguay, created a network. Among its objectives are the following: to identify both problems and needs of national publishers of academic journals, to seek advice and information on copyright in the (Creative Commons) digital environment among other topics of common interest. Meetings take place, working groups are formed. Electronic courses and workshops of Journal Publishing in the OJS (Open Journal System) platform are given. During 2015 the Uruguayan Association of Academic Journals (AURA) is created, bringing together publishers from the most diverse academic disciplines who seek to improve the quality of their journals.
Towards quality of academic publications in Uruguay

Social Media

Twitter @aidasogaray(Aída ) and @morellitere (Teresa)



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