Twitter round up of the 41st Annual Iamslic & 16th Biennial Euraslic 2015 Conference

Submitted by Stephanie Ronan

I have collated all the tweets from the 41st Annual Iamslic & 16th Biennial Euraslic 2015 Conference and created a ‘story’ using

You can view the story here:

This story makes it a lot easier to view all the tweets specific to the conference, and using the hashtag #iameura15, than trying to view all the tweets on twitter. It is an interactive story, so you can favourite and retweet from within the story. Once a tweet goes live, you cannot make any edits to it (except delete it), so apologies for any typos, or word substitutes that my phone’s predictive text made e.g. substituting the FAO building for FYI building 🙂

We created an official twitter account for Iamslic: @IamslicOrg, so please use this handle in all your tweets. I tweeted 218 tweets from the Iamslic account, took 53 photos, favourited 63 other tweets, followed 18 accounts and gained 22 followers for the account! I also tweeted about another 50 from my own account. So hopefully I managed to share some interesting and relevant information and photos from the conference.


Enjoy the story.




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