New STS/ALA- IAMSLIC liaison 2015-2017

Mary Markland, from the Guin Library, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon, USA (where Jane Webster worked for such a long time),  is a long-time member of STS (Science & Technology Section) of ALA (American Library Association), and now the new STS/ALA- IAMSLIC liaison 2015-2017.  She will be attending the Conference in Rome and then submitting a report to STS prior to their midwinter meeting.

ACRL-STS Liaison Program– Charge: To promote and coordinate the work of the STS Liaisons to different professional groups with which STS has established formal and informal relationships and to provide information sharing within the Section that may lead to collaboration and exchange.

Any doubts or suggestions, you can contact her in Rome or by mail anytime.

Thank you Mary for getting involved with IAMSLIC from the very beginning!

Guillermina Cosulich (IAMSLIC President 2014-2015)

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