Cyamus 2015 – Day 3

Saturday 3/14/15 – Odegaard Library
It’s PI Day!!
Open Discussion Day
Libraries have issues with Wiley.  They have been very devious in negotiating with the Libraries and have not been any nicer to society publishers.  Wiley has outsourced some of the titles such as J Phyc to Aptara.  If you know people in societies that are looking for a publishing platform tell them to avoid Wiley.  It was reported that Wiley is looking to go to a database model where cost is based on use.

Another strategy is to urge researchers to publish elsewhere including Open Access.  We talked up how we would like to be members of such groups as BioMed Central to help defray publication costs and support the OA publishers.  Sadly most budgets are strained trying to pay the bills on our existing subscriptions.

Agree we rely heavily on the Jeffrey Beall list of sketchy OA titles and are appreciative of its existence!!

Discussion on where Cyamus can meet next year.  LaJolla and San Luis Obispo have been offered.  We would like to go to Mexico – say Ensenada – as it’s been years since we’d been south.  Jeanine will submit a proposal.

Debra Losey showed pictures of the lovely new NOAA Southwest Fisheries Lab in LaJolla and told about the perils of planning and implementation.

Talked about citation management systems and what campuses provided and/or supported or teach.  Looked at UW’s comparison page at

Library Linked Data
Joan and Eleanor attended a conference where they learned about the Knowledge Card – the info box that pops up on the Google results page when someone googles your institution.  Talked about where Google draws that information and you actually have control of what appears in the card.  It’s fascinating and we should assert that control.

UCD got an IMLS grant to look at linked data.  You can can follow the blog here:

Cyamus Public Relations
We need a Cyamus Regional Group Knowledge Card!!!
Talked about the FaceBook page.
Need an elevator blurb.
Rewrote the “About Cyamus” section on the regional group webpage.
Quote of the day: “Cyamus: we are the Walmart of water.”  We decided, when we picked ourselves up off the laughter strewn floor, that wouldn’t be our go-to description.


Box Lunch!

Visit to Bullitt Center.
It’s over!  See ya all next year!

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