Librarians Training on Aquatic, Marine and Fisheries Sciences Information Resources

Librarians Training on Aquatic, Marine and Fisheries Sciences Information Resources- 4th Workshop, INIDEP, Mar del Plata, Argentina, November 25-28, 2014


–  CENPAT- National Patagonian Center (Puerto Madryn)- Librarian Yanina González

–  ILPLA- Limnology Institute “Dr. Raúl A. Ringuelet”   (La Plata)- Librarian Carolina Monti

– IBMP- Institute of Marine Biology and Fisheries Institute –National Univ. Comahue (San Antonio Oeste)-  Librarian Silverio Ortiz

Eight years have past since the 1st training INIDEP librarians held during a National Marine Congress at CENPAT, Puerto Madryn 2006, and 10 years since the Antorchas Foundation report was published on the situation of marine sciences in Argentina (Ciencia Hoy 13(78):23-46, 2004). Great improvements were made regarding access to scientific information thanks to the commitment of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MINCYT), but regarding improvements in  support services incorporating professional librarians, the road has been much slower. Important is to mention there is now a positive trend in these Argentine aquatic and marine science institutions: the IBMP-National University of Comahue has a librarian since the year 2008; recently the CENPAT incorporated a professional in July 2013, and in the Freshwater area, the ILPLA  recruited a librarian last September.

Librarians received support from their own institutions to participate in this training at INIDEP, Mar del Plata. It was a very productive and intense program closing up with Recommendations for the year 2015 and the creation of an informal Google Group of Argentine Librarians on Aquatic and Marine Information Management. Special guided tours around the institution and to the research vessels were also included thanks to the collaboration of Dra. Ana Massa and Dr. Martín Ehrlich.

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And last but not least, the librarian Silverio Ortiz will renew next year his IAMSLIC membership 2015, and hopefully Yanina González and Carolina Monti will soon become also members.

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