AFRIAMSLIC Mini meeting held during the ASFA Board in Beijing, China Oct. 15, 2014

During the last  ASFA Board Meeting,  five members of AFRIAMSLIC – IAMSLIC Regional Group as well as Ms Guillermina Cosulich, IAMSLIC Chair  attended the  mini meeting  called by the chair of the  group, Ms Arame Ndiaye  Keita-Senegal.

Participants were  Mr James Macharia-Kenya, Ms Saida Messaouidi- Tunisia, Ms Ana Maria Alfredo- Mozambique and  Ms Alice Endra- Uganda.

The meeting was short  but  productive with Ms Endra as rapporteur: Main issues discussed were about: AFRIAMSLIC Membership, -AFRIAMSLIC Communication ( Website and Facebook) and- HOSTING  the 2018  Conference in the Region.

Please read the Minutes posted in IAMSLIC website. Some  information are  available on AFRIAMSLIC- IAMSLIC Regional Group  facebook page.

Posted  By Ms Arame Ndiaye Keita, AFRIAMSLIC  Representative

AFRIAMSLIC meeting picture-China-2014

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