Last but not least: Our 40th Anniversary and the Conference

Dear IAMSLIC’ers:

Once a again, we had an unforgettable Conference in a beautiful place, a very impressive building the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Noumea -you can see some of my photos of the Conference in Flickr –,  with a Library that resembles an upside down canoe, surrounded by wonderful trees and flowers by the seaside, and getting to know very friendly and active librarians from the Pacific Region. In the IAMSLIC blog, Kris explained with great detail, smells and flavours the Conference day by day.

I believe we had an excellent Conference because we had TWO solid axis (ejes)….the Planning Committee and the Hosts! Thank you again to the hosts SPC and Mary-Clare and her family, and the fantastic PIRG Group ! Bula!!  Thank you Sally for passing me over everything nice and clear! Thanks to the Sponsors!

We celebrated the 40th IAMSLIC ANNIVERSARY and we had “the” cake and our PIN; I share now that “Corner” products with you all: the Guin Auction poster thanks to Barb Butler, and the ppt photos that were shown during the whole Conference. Find them in OUR STORY and in the Conference website. Enjoy them!

For the Association, and our way forward in the near future, it was very important Janet Webster’s presentation during a Special Session; she just send it to all of us: 2014 MEMBERSHIP SURVEY , please read it and send your comments. Thank you Janet for this important collaboration!

Start thinking and write me if you would like to VOLUNTEER to be in an IAMSLIC COMMITTEE!
Don’t forget to share your activities, why IAMSLIC is valuable for your library, your institution, your region?

I will be back from the ASFA Bd Meeting that is going to be held next week in Beijing hosted by the NMDIS, and I’ll get in touch with you during the International OPEN ACCESS WEEK, October 20-24

All the best!

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