Marine and Freshwater Diversity ejournal update

Some time ago I got notice announcing the new e-only “Marine and Freshwater Diversity” journal. I have been waiting for some content to show up on its web page before adding the title to the list of electronic journals here at Hopkins Marine Station. I decided to email the editor to see what was happenings. Below is her response. I followed up to Ann’s response and confirmed that it is still the plan to have it bundled with JMBA at no additional cost.

Joe Wible

Hopkins Marine Station
Stanford University


Dear Dr Wible,

Due to protracted negotiations between the trustees and publishers this e-journal has been delayed until later this year. It has also been renamed ‘Marine Biodiversity Records’ and will be online from CUP later in 2008. It should be announced on the CUP website later. I am sorry for the delay which was beyond my control.

All the best

Ann Pulsford

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