A New Era in IAMSLIC Communication

IAMSLIC Newsletter co-editors Megan Gee and Jackie Wolstenholme have done a great job for IAMSLIC over the years bringing us the news on a quarterly basis. In case you didn’t know, we met Jackie at the conference in Hobart just about the time she decided to attend library school (no kidding– we didn’t scare her off!). She’s completed her degree and has started her first professional position. Sadly, she also realizes that she needs to take a break from her editor duties to focus on her new job. At 107 issues and with the editors needing a break it seems like the right time to try sharing our news in a different fashion.

Megan and Jackie– thank you again for all your work. We’ll miss you as our co-editors but look forward to hearing from you via the blog.

-Barb Butler

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