Happy Birthday IAMSLIC!

Day 4: The Banquet 
It was a lovely evening in Noumea. The air slightly warm and a light breeze rustled through the palm fronds. I had watched the sky meander through its sunset colors, pinks and oranges, with the sinking sun backlighting the clouds. Beautiful.

I wandered over to the hotel where the annual banquet was to be held. We walked along the beach, hearing the oceans rhythmic shoosh of water up the sandy beach.  Along the way we passed groups of people playing planque – quiet chatter, the thump of the balls hitting the packed earth with an occasional clink as one ball hit another. Low laughter.  Oh so pleasant.

We were early so we hung out by the pool as everyone gathered. Finally Mary-Clare told us to be seated.  As wait staff poured wine, we were told a buffet awaited and we should help ourselves. As you know if you have been flowing these posts that we have eaten quite well this week.  This buffet was spectacular, a true feast – a true ocean feast!  

Two kinds of sashimi, whole crab, shrimp, oysters, green lipped mussels, salmon, sushi (5 kinds), crab salad, a beef salad, tuna tartare salad, deviled eggs topped with caviar,  potatoes gratin, green beans, white rice, rice pilaf, chicken with mushrooms, veal with mushrooms, fish with almonds, rolls and butter. 

Then the entertainment began.  Tahitian dancers who were AWESOME!  I’d like to say we all lost weight just watching the intensity with which they danced, but hat would be a lie.  The dancing was very engaging, in fact Ataban and Mark (Amy’s husband) got to dance with the girls and Kristen LaBonte and Jeanine danced with the boys.  But if you have any real questions, you should ask Vere as she has more intimate knowledge of the outfits being worn!  We admired the tattoos on both the men and women.

So full and then the dessert buffet was opened with cream puffs, giant chocolate filled macaroons, chocolate mousse, fruit tarts, fruit salad… But the HIGHLIGHT for our group was the entrance of the a BIRTHDAY cake with candles indicating 40 years and led by the PIRG members we sang Happy Birthday to IAMSLIC!  A most EXCELLENT celebration!!!

Humbly submitted by Kris Anderson

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