Developing World Needs Its Own Science Journals

Comment: Developing World Needs Its Own Science Journals (from the New Scientist)

The most vital debates at scientific conferences rarely take place during the formal sessions. At the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting of African health ministers in Algiers last month, the hot topic during the lunch breaks was the desperate need to improve the state of academic publishing in developing countries. This might seem a surprising choice, given the pressing challenges facing these nations. But the lack of local journals in which to publish scientific research, in particular in fields such as health, has serious consequences. Local journals exist in developing countries, but many are failing. … These journals are locked in a vicious circle. Researchers think there is little value in publishing in them, preferring the cachet of globally recognised journals, meaning that they struggle to publish papers of the quality needed to attract future authors. See:

Posted by: Peter Fritzler, UNC Wilmington

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