New book on Gray Whales

E. robustus: The Biology and Human History of Gray Whales. by Jim Sumich.

Written by a well-known gray whale researcher, teacher and textbook author, this book responds to a growing demand for up-to-date and accessible information for the burgeoning whale-watching industry along the US West Coast. Topics range from basic anatomy and migratory behavior of gray whales to the latest research on the genetics of western gray whales. This book provides an accessible yet up-to-date overview of the scientific research on this species, while tracing the history of whaling, gray whales in captivity and the growth of modern whale-watching activities.

Price: $17.99
ISBN: 975-0-692-22542-4
Format: 6”x9” 199 pp. paperback 140 color photographs, maps and drawings
Printed at YTP, Salem, Oregon. The author is the publisher and sole distributor, shipping from Corvallis, Oregon.

Contact info:
James Sumich

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