Thursday, October 24 #IAMSLIC2013

Can only imagine how much worse I would have felt if I had actually had a drink at the banquet.  Moving slowly, (ok, maybe only I was moving slowly), we returned for the FINAL day of our conference.   Ou day began with the sad news of library consolidations.  The difficulties faced by 3 of our colleagues as their collections were re-absorbed in the centralization efforts at their institutions.  These situations are NEVER easy even though most administrations make it sound like the process should be easy and will only better services for patrons throughout the institution.  Well, from their towers looking down, I’m sure the process looks quite easy.  But for the workers being forced into all the change, the integrations are never easy.

We then talked about the Aquatic Commons with short anecdotes from participants at various levels in order to increase interest in the group for depositing materials.

Break and a very short business meeting where we finished reports from regional groups and then had a brief discussion about the problem we’ve been having reaching quorums at our annual business meetings. Again, please find a way to get to the conference so we can make decisions about the direction of OUR association.

Kris Andersen and Elizabeth Connor were named as the new officers.  Kris Andersen is the new jr president-elect and Elizabeth Connor is the new secretary.  Thanx to Angela Clark-Hughes and Susan Berteaux for also sticking out their necks in the election process.  Perhaps next time, they won’t be so lucky.   Until the next election process, I hope they will stay active and volunteer for committees & task forces.  We truly need the help.

Now the part we’ve all been waiting for:  the invitation to the 40th Annual Conference in New Caledonia.  Oh my goodness, I cannot wait until next year.  Look for lots of information on transport to the South Pacific.  Plan to spend extra time in the beautiful blue waters as well as taking in the sights around the atoll.

This afternoon, we will be spending time in an Aquatic Commons work party to get documents into the Commons.  And with sadness we bid adieu to a few of our colleagues, but Friday will see a large group heading off to ride swamp buggies and airboats around the Everglades.

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