Tuesday, October 22 #IAMSLIC2013

The morning started off well enough. We were all able to amek the 830 am bus to the NSU Oceanographic Center, though I did TRY to sleep in a bit and missed my morning walk.  Good thing I do minimal morning maintenance to get ready for the day.  (Does that avoid TMI? [too much information])

Anyways, as we all collaborated to get to the meeting on time much to Jaime’s delight, the discussions on collaboration by Susan Berteaux, Alice Endra (actually presented by Guillermina Cosulich) and Becky Morin.  There are some really fine projects going on that involve working with others.  Yeah, I won’t be on those teams.  The collaborations I recently was forced to do at my work only resulted in several imaginative ways of gutting my co-workers.  Ok, no one really died, but I really should not watch as many horror movies as I do.

During the coffee break, I coached folks to bid more on Guin Auction items. Put some more items out for bid and tried to take care of putting together some stuff for myriad treasurer details that popped up before the business meeting.  As I ran back and forth, I noticed Kathy H. taking a little cat nap in a chair by the Guin Auction room.  When the sessions started back up, I nudged her to go back. OH NO!  She informs me she’s not feeling well.  OK.  Get some cold water in her, some protein and let her rest.  In the meantime, we’ve got Jaime and the security guard named Dave to help out.  Avoided an ambulance ride, though that might have been good.  Kathy H. ended up going back to the hotel as we all filed out for the group photo and transport to the IGFA Museum & Hall of Fame.

IGFA: International Game Fish Association.  Lunch was catered by Gino’s and some very fine Italian was inhaled by the group.  Some inhaled more than others, but we’re not pointing any fingers, are we?   We were also granted tours of the extensive library on angling and game fish.  Not only books find their home here, but also art work, realia such as fishing rods and tackle, and other miscellaneous items.   The museum itself includes loads of interactive displays including a fishing game with real fishing rods where Kristen LaBonte caught a 400 lb marlin in just 5 minutes.  Talk about some serious muscle reeling that monstrous fish into the screen.  The nature walk outside meanders through several habitats for south Florida complete with free roaming animals. OK, the alligators were behind a fence which is a good thing as one group had an alligator very interested in them as they stood on the boardwalk observing his behavior.  S/he kept sinking down and we watched the bubbles come closer as s/he slowly snuck up on the tasty looking snacks on the other side of the fence.  A few of us also saw a marsh bunny that was NOT inside the fence with the gator.

We actually had lunch theatre (much like dinner theatre except at lunch time) with Gerry Sawchuck from Cengage-Learning presenting on some initiatives with the Smithsonian Institutions to digitize many of the collections.

Somewhere in all this, we had a business meeting, but since we did not have  quorum, we couldn’t make any decisions.  Really folks, if we want to do stuff, we really do need to have more than 60 out of 300 show up at our meetings.  As punishment, you’ll be required to take part in some voting online.  Better take part or we really will never get anything done.  Reports were presented and items discussed.

Executive Board also met again and discussed some matters.

Tuesday night was free time.  Ended up at a Peruvian restaurant with Kathy H.  David Baca was there already.  Was quite glad as he knew the food available. I had never had Peruvian cuisine, so didn’t know what anything was.  He quite gently coached us and we ended up with some very tasty dishes.  Back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

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