Z39.50 Distributed Library and Union List migrating to iamslic.org

Since IAMSLIC decided several years ago to move its website to a new hosting service, it has been one of my goals to attempt to also move other IAMSLIC functions from my library’s server to the iamslic.org hosted server. The first major step in that process is now hopefully complete: both the Z39.50 Distributed Library and the Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials are now running on the iamslic.org server.

Some of you may have noticed problems with the Z39.50 searches recently, especially when one tried to display the next page of search results, and that problem has been resolved in the new configuration. You will also notice some slight differences in the way the Union List of Serials is integrated into the Distributed Library search page.  If you are looking for a journal title, you can click for an alphabetical listing from the Union List of Serials right from the Distributed Library search page. Additionally, the first 25 search results from the Union List of Serials will display at the top of all search results, with the option to click on a link to view all matching results from the Union List. As a secondary benefit, the new configuration has eliminated for me the time-consuming process of exporting and indexing the Union List records to make them searchable via the Z39.50 protocol; the Union List database is now queried directly and the results are integrated into the display along with the Z39.50 results from member library catalogs.

Please update any links or shortcuts to the new addresses:

  • IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library http://www.iamslic.org/ill/
  • Search the Z39.50 Distributed Library http://www.iamslic.org/ill/search.php
  • Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials http://www.iamslic.org/unionlist/

Please note that the Latin American and African Union Lists of Serials have not yet been moved, nor has the membership database or interlibrary loan module. You will still be taken to the library.csumb.edu server from your search results to complete borrowing requests, but the process should be transparent. I will be working to migrate those services as well over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please report to me any unexpected errors or problems that you encounter.


Steve Watkins
California State University, Monterey Bay, Library

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