Fiji Conference Registration is open

Bula IAMSLIC Members!

Registration for the conference in Fiji is now open.

The conference web site is located at:

Click on Registration in the left column to reach the registration page.

Be sure to make your hotel reservations early to take advantage of
the terrific prices that the local arrangements team have negotiated for you.

Images of the conference merchandise may be viewed from the
conference web site by clicking on “Conference Merchandise” in the
left column.  There are T-shirts for both men and women (exact
size/dimensions can be found within the registration form) and there
are also 3 choices for sulus, a type of sarong.

A first draft of the program has been posted.  We will shortly
announce a second call for additional papers and posters.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions!

Liz Winiarz
IAMSLIC Conference Convener 2008

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