SAIL Panama Canal Zone Project 2008: an Aquatic Commons Collaboration

As a result of last month’s meeting at the Smithsonian Research Center in Panama City, several SAIL members are developing the SAIL Panama Canal Zone Project 2008. This project involves the digitization of publications that are related to the Biological Survey of Panama carried out by the Smithsonian between 1910-1912. The list of publications that have been identified is available at Panama Canal Zone Documents. This list includes links to documents at several sites including Aquatic Commons, Google Books, and the Biodiversity Library. Individual documents are being digitized by Liz DeHart, Jen Walton, and Stephanie Haas. Currently, fourteen documents are included in this project and they may be found by doing an Advanced Search using “Panama” in the keyword field. A project title search should soon be available.

If you have additional non-copyrighted items related to the Panama Canal construction and/or Panamanian biological diversity during this time period or later, please contribute them to the Aquatic Commons repository. For each item, please add the project name “ SAIL Panama Canal Zone Project 2008” to the metadata, and let Liz DeHart or Jen Walton know so they can add your documents to the bibliography.

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