Retirement of Avano


For several years we have been fortunate to have IFREMER hosting our official OAI Harvester, Avano (, for Aquatic Commons and other marine and ocean sciences resources.  Usage has dropped to a very low level.  I’m sure there will be a few who will miss this resource (and please contact me directly if this is the case) but I believe we all understand their decision to close a service with declining usage and limited staff available for support.

I cannot take credit for the following statement as it comes from Stephanie Haas’ and is a perfect description of the thanks we owe Fred and IFREMER. “Your foresight in developing Avano was extraordinary and occurred at the exact time when IAMSLIC was identifying the structural components that were needed to successfully serve the marine and aquatic science research communities.  I think all of us recognize the contribution Avano made as one of the first successful harvesters.  At that time, I don’t think anyone could have imagined the far reaching impact of Google on the whole universe of research endeavors. ”


Joan Parker

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