Call for voluneers to join a Task Force on the IODE initiative for establishement of a joint IAMSLIC-IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (IAMSLIC/IODE GE-MIM)

 Dear colleagues, 

At the First IAMSLIC Business Meeting in Anchorage Mr. Peter Pissierssens, Head of the IOC Project Office for IODE, and Ms. Linda Pikula, Chair of the GE-MIM, presented a proposal for the establishment of a joint IAMSLIC-IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (IAMSLIC/IODE GE-MIM). As stated in the proposal, through the establishment of the group the following mutual benefits can be achieved:

 –          IAMSLIC will have access to high-level policy makers at the national level to communicate needs and priorities of marine librarians;

–          IAMSLIC will be able to connect with IODE national coordinators for marine information management who are currently not IAMSLIC members;

–          IODE will have direct access to a global marine librarian community;

–          IAMSLIC and IODE will have a joint mechanism to develop and implement global marine information management services and products;

–          IAMSLIC will be able to raise its international profile through the participation of IOC and its IODE in international events.

 The full text of the proposal can be found in the Section for the Committee on IOC-IAMSLIC MoU on the IAMSLIC website: .

 The proposal was briefly discussed at the Second Business Meeting and a decision was made to appoint a task force to further discuss this initiative and come out with recommendations for the Executive Board. We are now looking for volunteers from all regional groups who would like to be a part of the task force group and is prepared to actively contribute to the discussion. Please let me know by Friday, September 21st, if you are interested to join the group.

 Thank you and best regards,

 Maria Kalentsits

IAMSLIC President

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