Thursday, August 30, 2012: Fifth Day

Beginning our final day of presentations, the Aquatic Commons Board briefly addressed the group on various aspects of the project and then in conjunction with Helen Wibley from ASFA, formed a panel to answer questions about participation and future direction of the Aquatic Commons.

Next up was Nancy Kraft and Linda Pikula to present on a preservation project for marine documents in a library in Vietnam.  There are some rare materials in need of conservation & digitization in the collection. Ms Kraft & Ms Pikula went on a mission to help the Vietnamese librarians come up with practical and affordable ways to preserve the collections in a marine environment with very little climate control.

After a break, the 2nd IAMSLIC business meeting was called to order. The Guin Auction earnings were announced followed by election results.  Junior President is Guillermina Cosulich from INIDEP in Argentina.   I was elected treasurer.  Thank you for your confidence in my abilities.  The meeting then moved into a discussion of the new IODE proposal to form a group of experts.  The group voted to form a task force to investigate the proposal and come up with ideas for how the joint venture could benefit both groups.  The discussion was a bit out of control, but eventually we all settled down and with no other new business, we moved on to the presentation by the next host, Jaime Goldman at Nova Southeastern University in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Dates are October 20-25th, 2013.  The 2014 site was announced as New Caledonia in coordination with the Pacific Islands Regional Group (PIRG).

Our free afternoon was spent shopping in various tourist traps for souvenirs to take home to loved ones, eating light lunches and talking to friends as fast as possible as we knew our time together was drawing to a close.  There were some who chose to take in other sites such as the Anchorage Museum, or hike in Earthquake Park rather than wander downtown Anchorage in the hope that meant better hotel shuttle service, only to be disappointed again.


StreamNet Regional Library
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

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