Zanzibar IAMSLIC Conference

We are missing Lenora who is always so good about documenting what is happening at IAMSLIC conferences. People are still trickling in, many reporting travel adventures both good and bad. Cancelled flights and 12 hour layovers in the Nairobi airport challenged some attendees. For others who had long layovers, the airline put them up in a nice hotel and gave them free meals.

Yesterday we had a nice tour of Stonetown which included visiting old underground slave holding cells, a walk through the central market and shopping district, and time in the museum which once was the highest building in Africa and affords nice views of the city.

We return to our hotel and had time to refresh and dress up for the wonderful reception Edna has arranged with plenty of great food, drinks, and a DJ playing music for dancing. There are photos somewhere documenting me in long pants and a tie as I dresses to meet the Tanzanian dignitaries who were a no-show (family illness).

Today we get to work.

Joe Wible
Hopkins Marine Station

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