IAMSLIC Business Meeting

The IAMSLIC Business Meeting will held during the upcoming Conference in Zanzibar 16-21 October.
The minutes from the 2010 Conference, MOUs, Treasurer’s report, Regional reports, Committee reports etc. can be found on the IAMSLIC website. All reports are due and once received are posted on the website.

Please read these documents whether you are attending the conference or not. I would appreciate receiving any questions, comments or concerns: marcia.croyvanwely@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Minutes 2010 : http://www.iamslic.org/member-access/members-area/meeting-minutes
Annual reports : http://www.iamslic.org/member-access/members-area/annual-reports
MoU with IOC : http://www.iamslic.org/people/committees-taskforces/iamslic-iou-mou
MoU with FAO: http://www.iamslic.org/people/committees-taskforces/fao-iamslic-joint-activities

Marcia Croy-Vanwely
IAMSLIC President 2011

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