New Institute of Aquatic Sciences in Cameroon

The Membership Committee welcomes Olivier Tabodo as contact for this new institute and IAMSLIC members who can offer publications etc. are encouraged to contact him (

The Institute of Aquatic Sciences of the Univeristy of Douala at Yabassi, was created in 1993, but opened its doors in 2010. The Institute has a batch of 209 students and the first graduates connected to the BMD system are expected next year. The Institute is offering professional training of higher education not only for Cameroonians but for the central Africa as a whole in five departments of which Aquaculture; fisheries management; fish processing and quality control of fish products.
As you know, librairies and books are difficult to handle in the context of a low income country like Cameroon, which is spending huge amount of money for fish imports while there is a huge potential in water ressources favorables to aquaculture and fisheries. Students of our Institute will be well off from having access to the library.
I would therefore be very grateful if you could kindly accept our Institute as member of IAMSLIC to take advantages of the many benefits involved.
Please accept my sincere regards.
Dr MEKE SOUNG Pierre Nolasque
Deputy Director, Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
The Univeristy of Douala, PoBox: 2701, DOUALA, Cameroon.

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