Free books from NHBS to developing countries

This may have been posted to the IAMSLIC blog before, but I don’t remember and it is probably worth repeating if only for the benefit of new members. Natural History Book Service offers a “Gratis Book Scheme”. Below is text from their web page which can be found at:

Joe Wible
Hopkins Marine Station


The aim of this scheme is to provide ecology and conservation books to those from outside Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand who would otherwise be unable to obtain them. The simple purpose of this scheme is to spread ecological knowledge as widely as possible.

This scheme is a collaboration between the British Ecological Society (who pay for the postage), the NHBS Environment Bookstore (who co-ordinate and organise the distribution) and the publishers and authors of the books (who provide the books for free). We plan to provide a number of books per year. They will usually be distributed three months after the book has been published. Individuals may request the book for themselves or suggest the book for others. It is likely that some of these schemes will be oversubscribed: all applications will be considered together and the available copies will then be awarded to those considered most able to benefit from them.

The first title to be distributed under the Gratis Books Scheme was William J Sutherland’s Conservation Handbook. Over 3000 copies have been donated. The number of recipients per country can be viewed here.

We regret that gratis books are not available to students currently doing degrees in Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. They are also not available to those from Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand but currently working outside those areas.

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