2010 Conference Day 3

And on the 3rd day, we really got to engage our brains with some truly heavy presentations. But first, a word from our sponsors…

EbscoHost (the Yankee cousin of Ebsco) began the show with some information about the NISC products acquired in the past couple of years as well as general information about the company, including their green headquarters complete with solar panels in Ipswich, Massachusetts. And don’t forget, they provide GreenFile for free.

Mathias Seaman then expanded on his comments from yesterday with a bit more on the quantity of scientific publications. And some retraction that the world is not going to hell in a handbasket because our scientists are functionally illiterate.

And onward with a wonderful collaboration between north/east and south/west hemispheres with a comparison of ABCD library management software from CDS/ISIS  and Koha Integrated Library Software. Both have useful features and limitations. Both will have some cost involved even though both cost nothing for the software. Open source is free in the sense of development, not free in the sense of budget.

Rushing down to the Guin Auction to put in a few more bids before finding out that the auction was extended until 230 pm when we all return from lunch.

Then we got to learn about designing web services for mobile devices and how these services are really targeting the young people who are living the connected life. No longer are users satisfied with chat reference from their laptops. Too many have mobile devices including Sony PSP, Nintendo DSi, smart phones of the Iphone & Android varieties and whatever else they are going to put on the market next. These users want to be able to touch their screen and do whatever: renew books, check shelves, ask a question, etc. and they want the answer RIGHT NOW.  Ok, so I’m a text reference addict already. I love being able to send a question to the local library (ANSWERS to 66746 gets you to Oregon’s service) and receive my answer within 10-15 minutes.  I was in a meeting and was asked to verify the name of the dam on Lake Wenatchee… so I sent the question via my phone.  Anyway, texting is fun, just try to use real words and not TextSpeak so we don’t forget our language skills and become even more illiterate than we already are.

The Claroline system has debuted at CICIMAR-IPN and is working to connect educators with students and student with information resources.

Marie Pascale Baligand presented research on a new model of open access publishing being used by Copernicus publications which allows for peer-review and open discussion with the entire scientific community before final publication.

Just before lunch, we were given a guided tour of the new & improved website by Steve Watkins, the chair of the Web & Communications Committee.  There are many new features and functionalities, including the availability of sub-domains for the regional groups and unlimited email lists which can be set up for committees, regional groups or other special groups that need a quick, easy way to communicate.

Ah, the group photo, which was delayed from Tuesday due to the leisurely service. We took the photo before lunch, so were not as bothered by the leisurely service, except folks really wanted to get back to check on their Guin Auction items beofre bidding closed at 230 pm, sharp. Delicious lunch of empanadas and pizza with a brownie with ice cream topping for dessert. Yes, the brownie had nuts (Nuts!) but the gelato was delicioso with strawberry syrup over the top.

And then we all ran back to protect our coveted items in the Guin Auction. Some folks were not above cheating to get what they truly wanted this year.  And we raised about US$800 for the Guin Fund between the winning bids and all the donations that came in. THANK YOU all for your generous donations and THANK YOU to Jen Walton for once again helping with the auction this year.   So my afternoon was spent organizing winnings and collecting payment while the rest of the group got to hear presentations on how libraries can help with data management and archiving data sets (followed by the requisite health break 1/2 hour after lunch), a history of database aggregators, and the visibility of the Aquatic Commons and how this valuable service is helping distribute information and research both nationally and internationally.  A strong point was made of repatriating information when research from a country is discovered by other researchers within that country through the Aquatic Commons.

And NOW… you are all invited to open the door to Zanzibar, Tanzania. October 16-20, 2011, we will convene the 37th Annual IAMSLIC Conference and the 5th Afriamslic meeting in Zanzibar. Be prepared for a historic experience as we learn about this cultural heritage site. Beyond The Doors

And so concludes Day 3. The Executive Board met for the evening and we went wandering for dinner after with the ending result being a tasty ravioli with cheese sauce.  Lovely little restaurant a bit north of the hotel was the meal provider.  As we walked back, we watched the heavy surf rolling in to smash against the rocks. Yes, we were oohing and aahing like we were watching fireworks. Spectacular show.

Off to bed…

StreamNet Regional Librarian
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

PS Sorry for any errors, spelling or grammatical. Spelling is because my cute little traveling computer’s screen is not wide enough and so I can’t see everything I types. Grammatical errors may be me taking literary license to be cute, amusing, maddening, or annoying.

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